DICOM Support plugin v0.7.0

This release is a big re-write of the plugin to allow for a real full screen option and take advantage of the latest features of DWV 0.25.2 such as the ability to load DICOMDIR files (*.dcmdir). I’ll post more about this later. The other new feature is the setting of a user window/level preset from the blog post using the window_center, window_width and wl_name options in the shortcode and the gallery. See it live in the body of this post…

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DICOM Support plugin v0.5.0

This new version of the plugin bundles the latest version of the DWV viewer (v0.17.0) which brings bug fixes and improvements. If you are curious, here is the full list. Among them, maybe the most visible is the new double click on the image when in scroll mode that will trigger a ‘play’ of the data either of all slices or all frames.

On the side of the plugin, based on users request, I added a ‘Full screen’ link just below the image to launch the viewer on its own page. This version launches the ‘simplistic’ viewer for dependency reasons. Other viewer are available, see the DWV demo page. They could be integrated in the future… Just ask on the plugin support page!