Multiple Slices

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The gallery allows to load more than one slice and activates the scroll button. The steps to add DICOM files to a gallery are similar than for images. They are:

  1. In the post editor, click the Add Media button,
  2. Choose the Upload Files tab on the Create Gallery page,
  3. Upload DICOM data (as the one from the DWV test data),
  4. It should be selected in the Media Library tab,
  5. Note: DICOM data may not show in the media list, in that case, choose the DICOM option in the first drop down on the search line,
  6. Click the Create a new gallery button,
  7. No need to change the DICOM files order in the Edit Gallery page, it will be set by the viewer; what you can do is choose the size in the Settings column (thumbnail, medium or large),
  8. Click the Insert gallery button,
  9. This brings you back to the editor and adds the gallery shortcode to the post,
  10. Click the Preview Changes button to see it in action!

You can write the gallery shortcode yourself but for that you will need to know the ids of the files you want. The result looks like:
[gallery size="large" ids="233,234,235,236,237,238,239,240,241,242"]